chch_gal (chch_gal) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very Heavy Period

Hello Everyone,

I'm wanting some advice on my period.

Some history:

I have always had regular periods, about 4 days long, heavyish for one day then not so much later on. 23 days in my cycle.

I have had two kids and when my periods returned after each it went to the same pattern as above.

I recently had an IUD inserted. The first period after that was really heavy - I ended up staying at home and using a nappy! LOL

Then it normalised again.

I recently bought a menstrual cup (Medium Meluna) and my periods have been horrific.  My cup holds 15mls and I have had to empty it SIX times today - so that's 90mls of fluid so far TODAY.  I have ordered a larger cup which should help - but this can't be normal?

The IUD I have is a copper one, not Mirena as I can't use hormonal contraception.

Any advice would be awesome :D
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