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menstrual problems

Hi everyone,

it's been a very long time since i visited this community or posted, but the information and advice given is always so excellent!

Here is my problem:
i'm 28. i have horrible periods, primarily menstrual cramps that are sometimes debilitating, although the bleeding isn't super heavy.
Over the past year or 2 i have started to get some mild cramping about a week before my period actually starts.
I also have very sore breasts, probably 9 out of 10 cycles that start about a week before and go away within a day or two of starting bleeding.
i have a fair amount of moodiness which seems worse around ovulation.
i have been told that i have endometriosis and was prescribed Yaz, which i took for about a month (this was about a year ago), and got scared by side effects (moodiness, anxiety, no sex drive, and finally restless leg symptoms). i have a female partner and so am not concerned about birth control.
My primary reasons for wanting to "do something" about these symptoms has been the menstrual cramps, but then recently, i've begun having vaginal pain. i use the Keeper (menstrual cup) for my period but it has become too painful to take it in and out. I started using organic tampons and they are painful to take in and out too. I don't usually enjoy vaginal penetration during sex.
Then this past period i had a new pain near my left ovary that was during when i was bleeding and in addition to my usual menstrual cramps, but was more sharp and hurt more when i pressed on it.
The final weird thing that has happened is that my breasts, for the first time ever, hurt still on the end of my period, i'm on the 6th day.
i also get a headache at the end of every period, every cycle, for a few years now.

I have a primary care provider who i see and had an exam with in February, but i don't feel like she really listens to me and wants to put me on the pill again. i'm worried about side effects, but also ready to try something since my symptoms are all so weird and negatively impacting my life. i'm also concerned that i may be estrogen dominant but am not really sure what this means or what it means for my health care options. i've also used natropathic doctors in the past and may be open to this option but am discouraged by the out of pocket cost.

i would really appreciate any thoughts, advice, or words of encouragement that anyone has to offer.

thanks in advance :)
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