descent2madness (descent2madness) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD Insertion and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone had used red raspberry leaf tea prior to an IUD insertion to help with cramping? I FINALLY have my consultation two weeks from tomorrow (I've been very anxiously waiting since February) and I've been thinking about picking up some RRL tea at the health food store tomorrow to start drinking leading up to my period/insertion that will HOPEFULLY (everyone cross your fingers) be this May. I'm a tea lover and from what I've read, RRL tastes pretty much like regular old black tea so I'm contemplating substituting it in for my usual morning tea and then bringing an iced bottle of it to drink through the day.

Anyone know how much I should drink in a day to help with cramping? I've never tried it before and I've read anywhere from 3-8 cups a day online! Also, has anyone ever mixed it with another tea? I have some other black/green/herbal loose leafs hanging out in my cupboard that I might mix in just for flavour/caffeine content but I wondered if that would reduce the efficacy of the RRL tea. Thanks for the input!

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Edit: also, mods, feel free to add tags as my internet browsers are being uncooperative and won't allow me to at the moment.
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