sumrandomnutt (sumrandomnutt) wrote in vaginapagina,

the infection that WILL NOT GO AWAY

Here I am AGAIN, VP. I feel like I post here constantly now!

Backstory: I was diagnosed with chlamydia, which I could've had for quite some time undetected. I was treated with a single dose of Zithromax. Abdominal pain went away but brown discharge began. Was treated with a 7-day supply of Flagyl.

The brown discharge didn't stop, so today I went back to the doctor. First she said that it could just be spotting from my bc (Ortho Tri Cyclen lo), but I've been on it for over a year and considering the recent infection I doubted that. She did a pelvic exam/swab(which definitely hurt more than usual) and said my cervix looked "irritated." When I asked what that indicated she said she wouldn't know until the lab results came back.

Given the brown discharge, the exam pain, and the irritated cervix, I am of course terrified that I have PID. I don't know what I'm looking for in this post, really...I guess just some support, with maybe a little bit of "Could it be anything else?"

Thanks in advance, as always, for your wonderful feedback and assistance. Sad as it is to say, y'all have always seemed much more concerned and informative than ANY of the professionals I've seen!
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