liberating. (littleshipwreck) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sore breasts/nipples caused by missing birth control pills?

Hey there superstars,

My breasts are sore. Crazy sore. The breast tissues itself is painful to the touch and my nipples? OUCH. I keep knocking my breasts with my arms and it HURTS. My poor little chesticles :(

Pertinent information:
-I'm twenty one. I have basically never had sore breasts in my life.
-I had a breast exam not that long ago and everything was fine.
-My weight remains more or less stable.
-I have small breasts that get plenty of bra support. Lately they seem a tiny bit bigger, but don't look injured.
-I am on HBC (Aviane) and have been for ages. It's never caused sore breasts before.
-I'm a Sunday starter and therefore take my pack's last active pill on Saturday, then begin withdrawal bleeds Wednesday (it takes my body four days to begin bleeding). This last month I forgot the last three (!) pills of the third week. Like clockwork, four days later I began bleeding (Sunday instead of Wednesday) and of course I did not have a new pack ready (my pharmacy is weird about when I can refill). I waited until the NEXT Sunday to start a new pack (which is when I would have normally started a new pack anyway). I figured I should treat it as though I were starting fresh, and while I know new Sunday starts require 7 days of a backup method, I kinda shrugged and ended up having unprotected sex starting that Wednesday. (Six days ago).

Tl;dr, I know I can't be pregnant, so what could be causing these breast issues? Is it just hormonal weirdness from my body not getting those last three pills?

P.S. I can handle the ache, I'm just mostly curious as to what it could be. I don't usually take OTC pain meds for things like this because I like to monitor the pain and use WebMD to my little hypochondriac heart's content.
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