new___noise (new___noise) wrote in vaginapagina,

getting came in for the first time

hi everyone. ive been on HBC for a month now (just finished my first pack--microgestin) and i have just started my new pack (went to a different pharmacy, they gave me junel, which i was told is the same thing, just a different generic brand).

this is my first time on any HBC so im a bit of a newb.

after being on the pill for a week, my boyfriend and i stopped using condoms. i got my first period on the pill last week right on time, during the sugar pill week, and it was all very glad this HBC agrees with me!

this whole time my boyfriend has been pulling out, just to be on the safe side and because i am admittedly nervous about him coming in me for the first time (he is my first..lost my v card to him!) since im on the pill, this should be safe to do, right? we are trying to be as safe as possible as i DO NOT want to get pregnant..if he came in me is there any chance of that?

also, anyone have tips or advice when it comes to getting came in? i would really like to experience that closeness with him..i just wanna make sure we're being safe! thanks all! :D
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