reqal (reqal) wrote in vaginapagina,

Complicated missed pill

Hi everyone!

So I have a bit of a complicated issue with a missed pill.
Last month (I believe it was March 13th), I lost the very last pill of my pill pack. The day after my missed pill, I went and got a new package of birth control and took two pills that day (one to replace the missed pill and one for that day). I continued taking the pill as normal until the end of the pack, into the placebo pills. My period was extremely light, but since I just switched to Yasmin from Yaz, I understand this is a possible BC side effect.

I am confused if I am still protected through the placebo week and into my new pill pack, which I started two days early. I know that the rule is 21/7, and essentially, I guess this means I still completely skipped a pill, by taking a pill to replace the missed on from a full pack? I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend since coming onto the placebo pills (the 2nd day into placebos and the 2nd day into my new pack), but we used the withdrawal method flawlessly (I know there are still obviously risks). Should I get plan B? Or should I, in the future, just use additional protection like a condom until I have been on my new pack for 7 days?

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