mistymoose (mistymoose) wrote in vaginapagina,

Painful sex 2 months post partum

Hi vagpagers! I'll just get straight into it :P

Im two months post partum, and SO and I *attempted* sex last night quite unsuccessfully :( we had been putting it off (we were told to wait six weeks) as I was still having an occasional ache and pain and I was pretty apprehensive about it. SO and I were both getting a bit antsy so we figured why not give it a shot...he barely even put it in (there has got to be a classier way to say it lol) and it hurt pretty bad! I know if he went any further the pain would have been worse so we stopped. Afterwards I went to the loo and saw I was spotting blood :(

The pain was in the top of my vagina if that makes sense (basically the furthest away from my bum where my small second degree tear was). Is it possible there was a tear that they missed? Or is it normal for sex to still hurt? I'll be seeing a doctor of course but can't get in until friday >.<

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