Lilith (lilith_gypsy) wrote in vaginapagina,

low progestrogen

I'm wondering if you guys have any input about this one. my sister will find out soon enough, but in the mean time, for my own concern and curiousity, i'd thought i'd bounce it off vagpag.

She's 22, athletic, but not underweight, and got her period once when she was 14, and did not see it again till she was 17, after her first pap (at 15) the gyno recommended she do ten days of estrogen to see if they could kick start her period, thinking that she likely had low estrogen, but she decided not do follow through with this, instead went on the pill and remained 'regular' with withdrawl bleeds. she has since stopped hbc, and has not had her period since december 2009. this recent check up is the first since her initial pap. she had been mentioning that she 'was probably infertile' whenever birth control methods were discussed.  but never really mentioned the fact that she had no periods. she's doing ten days of progestrogen, to see if she isn't producing enough progestrogen, and if she doesn't get her period then she likely has low estrogen, which is a whole other set of problems. She mentioned something about a high risk of uterine cancer.   i don't know anything about either low progestrogen, or low estrogen, so, what does it mean aside from the lack of menstration? and is there actually a high risk for uterine cancer? and what are the other risks involved?

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