Andrea (fushigi_na_chou) wrote in vaginapagina,

A question about CM and Plan B

I cross-posted the first part of this to fam, so sorry for those of you seeing it twice.

I recently began using the FAM method of birth control for trying to avoid pregnancy, and when I went to check my cervix and CM today, I pulled my fingers away to find thin, slippery, sort of white but not really mucous, but with little ... I don't know what you'd call them -- clumps? granules? of white in it. I noticed this before when I first started charting, and then it went away, and now it's back again. Right before I began using FAM, I'd been recovering from a yeast infection, so I had assumed the little white clumps/granules had something to do with that, but now they're back, and I haven't had a yeast infection since then, and I don't really have any symptoms of one now. The discharge doesn't smell. Any thoughts on this? Has this ever happened to anyone else before?

ETA I'm sort of having a mini freakout because I just realized that my period is two days late. I took a Plan B on March 6, and had my period (withdrawal bleed?) March 8. It lasted about the normal amount of time but was ridiculously watery as compared with my normal period, and I tested for pregnancy on the 19th day after the sex in question and got a negative result. I know Plan B has the tendency to mess with hormones and do strange things with periods, but even after stopping my HBC, I got my period exactly 28 days later (and my cycles have always been regular, no longer than 29 days). I mean, I know it's only been 30 days since my last period, but, given my history with HBC, and my regular cycles since cycle one, should I be concerned? I have been sexually active since then, using withdrawal (which, I know, not the best form of birth control, given that I don't want to be pregnant right now) in conjunction with FAM. I keep reading that it's possible to have a few months of weird periods after using Plan B, but, I guess I just need/want some reassurance? I've been having all my normal PMS symptoms, but I feel like they've been going on for longer than usual (though that may just be because I'm aware of them on a daily basis now, due to charting). I've had cramping in varying severity since March 14 (and I swear I was gonna start my period about two nights ago my cramps were that bad, but, alas, no period), and my boobs (mostly my left, which is weird to me, cuz usually it's both) have been sore since March 20.

I don't know if these dates and tidbits mean anything to anyone, but I figured the more specific I could be, the better. I just hope my period starts soon, because one, I'd love for my boobs to stop hurting, and two, I don't exactly wanna be pregnant right now. :|
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