MamaCrunch (mamacrunch) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infection? treatment

So I THINK I am getting a yeast infection... I have had 2 before, but didn't know until they were bad enough to really be obvious (decent amounts of discharge, itching, discomfort) . Yesterday I tested out my menstrual cup for the first time and when I put it in I noticed some little white flecks that looked like YI discharge on a lesser scale... I left the cup in for a few hours and took it out and didn't really see much of anything, so I figured maybe it was just a fluke, but waited until this morning and checked my discharge and I see the same little flecks of white again. I don't have any itching or discomfort or anything, no smell, nothing. I did feel a little dry after messing around in there for a while with the cup and checking the discharge, almost like there was still something in there, but that seems to have faded to feeling normal again. I do feel a very slight irritation when I wipe, but again, that could just be from messing around so much, and it is very faint. Am I just catching it early this time?

Assuming it is, I'm thinking about trying the garlic treatment. My husband is pretty skeptical of this method, so if you have tried it, please share your experience. I thought about just getting the Monostat 1 day treatment (I would like to kick this quick) but if the garlic will work, I'd rather save the money and go with a less harsh treatment. Also, would it be wise to do an apple cider viniger douche as well? If so, when should I do that (before the garlic, after the garlic is removed, or in the middle of the day, spaced from the garlic, etc...)?

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