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Post partum BC options and breastfeeding...

I had my baby on April 2nd, and i'm thinking now about going back on birth control. I would like to go back on the same kind of birth control that I was on for years before giving birth, which was Quasense, the generic of Seasonique. I was told mixed things about this. On one hand, I was told that it would effect my milk supply, and that I would have to go on the mini pill, which is only 85% effective, but I was also told that Quasense had a low risk of effecting my milk supply.
I loved being on Quasense, and would often stack packs. I have endometriosis, and it was nice not having to deal with a period every month. I would like to continue with Quasense if possible. No other kind of birth control is appealing to me. I hate the thought of an IUD, don't like the thought of Implanon, my husband detests condoms, I don't want to deal with female condoms,...there's basically something I don't like about every other form of birth control out there besides the pill.

Can anyone tell me or be able to look up some info about Quasense and breastfeeding? FYI i'm not using this as medical advice, I just want to get a feel before I see my OB on the 13th of this month.
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