Noelle (wristtattoos) wrote in vaginapagina,

Seeking resources/advice on abortion

Hey ladies,

I checked the tags, but I didn't see much that can help me. I'm posting this for a friend. She is pregnant, and we think she's around 10 weeks, judging by her last period. She is trying to terminate her pregnancy, and is being jerked around by Social Services, and Planned Parenthood. She went today to apply for services, but the woman she spoke with said that she must have an appointment with a physician before termination to determine how far along she is. I have never heard of this before...I've heard of this tactic by certain providers who are not pro-choice as a way to prevent you from terminating. I also thought that the clinic providing the termination would be able to check up on all of that there?

She then went to Planned Parenthood to talk to them because Social Services was getting her nowhere. She was told by the girl at the front desk that they can't even make an appointment for her to be seen because the physician wasn't in the building, and they were having computer difficulties. My friend then called me crying out of frustration. She is a very Godly young woman and was hassled by protesters as she left PP.

I'm posting because I'm trying to help her. We may end up taking a trip into NYC to have it taken care of down there on Thursday. She is scared because time of the essence, and she doesn't have health insurance, AND she's on unemployment. We're in Dutchess County, NY, so I'm not quite sure why she's having such a hard time. I wanted to check to see if anyone has any advice, or resources we can use.

Thanks so much!
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