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Vagpag, help a girl out.

I had my period on the 29th of january, it lasted the usual 4 days. I then, had unprotected sex during the month of february (and took 2 plan b pills, because I believe I purged one of them at one point) and then, as scheduled I had my period on the 24th of February (Roughly 28 days/a month) I expected my period around the 20th of March( rough estimate based on jan/feb, but no tracking earlier than that), and didn't receive it until the 29th, and it lasted until the end of the 1st, so 3 days about. I STARTED cramping my usual pre-period cramps on the 20th though, so I had steady cramps until I actually started bleeding. (Which when I did start bleeding it was heavy the entire time. It went from stuck pig status to nothing, and all the while I cramped heavily which is normal for me.)
On the 29th, right after/while I received my period I had unprotected sex. I didn't take anything for it because I started bleeding, and while I understand the chance of pregnancy is there, it was unlikely. Just now at 5 am, on the 4th, our condom broke. I plan on getting plan B tomorrow morning as soon as we wake up (yeah, our sleep schedule is a little screwed..) but I guess I am wondering, in general, what are my chances of getting pregnant?

My period only lasts about 3/4 days on average, but has never really been regular. I have been trying to start tracking my period but its so sporadic, it is driving me crazy and stressing me out to insane and remarkable proportions.
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