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Sorry for posting about an old thread, but I thought I might get more replies this way.

It's about this thread for natural ways to cure BV:

It sounds really helpful, so thank you to the poster who wrote it.

I've had excessive discharge for as long as I can remember and have had to wear panty liners all the time. I thought it was normal and only noticed the smell occasionally :/
After I got married, my husband who's a recent medical grad, said it seemed like an infection. It also turned out that our difficulty having sex was because I needed a hymenectomy.

About 3 weeks before my op, I developed crazy itching, excema type patch and a huge outer labia swelling so I went to the GP. The first GP also thought I had thrush so did a swab but it came back negative. After I had my OP, the surgeon said it looked like I had a likely anaerobic infection (BV) and prescribed 1 week Metronidazole and Doxycycline to start when I started my period. I took the Metro (and developed ulcers on my uvula) and when my period started after a week, started the Doxycycline. I took it for three days when I woke up in the night with my oesophagus on fire and feeling like I had a bone stuck in my throat. Well, that was the end of that and I don't intend to take any more antibiotics. I have an appointment with another GP in 1.5 weeks and I'm going to ask her to confirm if it's BV or not as well.

Since my period has finished, the discharge is still the same as it ever was, so I don't think they even helped. I want to try some alt. remedies but since I'm still healing from the hymenectomy, I don't want to put anything up there just yet.

Has anyone seen an improvement just by taking acidophilus daily?
When I'm healed, I may try the apple cider vinegar in a syringe, has anyone had improvement with this? Or is hydrogen peroxide preferable?

I'm worried the BV is going to make sex painful, which is not something I want after months of pain and trying only to find out I had a fibrous hymen. I don't want any more difficulties and I don't want the first time to be more painful than it has to be because all the crap over the last 8 months has done its best to put me off sex already.
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