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Ovarian cyst and second opinions.

VP, thanks so much in advance for how supportive you have been. Without the advice on here, I would be pretty lost in this whole ordeal.

Basically, I have always had irregular cycles. After being on the pill for 2 years, I went off to get a Paragard. This brought my sex drive back and actually fixed my seasonal allergies (which were great before I went on the pill and seemed to get triggered by the hormone change). However, once I had the Paragard, my cycles got irregular again (read: I spotted for 8 months). In February I was finally diagnosed with PCOS, although I am HWP and active. I am borderline insulin resistant and have high testosterone/free testosterone.

Anyway, fast forward to the first week in March, when I posted here about symptoms I was having with intense pain over my left ovary. Thanks to VP, I went to the nurse practitioner and the ER, telling them I was worried about an ovarian cyst. As usual, the concensus from VP was right - I had a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. They weren't able to tell if it was hemorrhagic or an endometrioma, so they gave me Percocet and sent me to my reproductive endocrinologist.

The RE looked at it and said she thought it was hemorrhagic, but couldn't be sure, and that it was definitely "complex and multiocular, but does not appear to have solid contents" She gave me Tylenol 3 and sent me home, telling me the cyst would reabsorb on it's own. She didn't even schedule a follow up with me, although at one point she said we would do another ultrasound in a few weeks.

The problem? I am not impressed AT ALL with this RE. She has lost my lab results, told me then from memory, and was incorrect. She has said that she would call me about medication the next business day, and then not called me for a week. When I was in 7/10 pain in her office from the cyst and couldn't take Percocet because I am too drowsy to drive safely when I'm on it, she gave me another pain perscription I couldn't fill at the hospital (I had to go to a local pharmacy) - even in the ER they gave me one Percocet to take until I could get the prescription filled.

And this cyst is not going away. If anything, it's getting worse. Even taking Tylenol 3, I can't walk more than 5 min at a slow pace before I start feeling intense pain in my groin and burning/numbness down my back, butt, and back of my thigh on the left. Having a bowel movement still hurts, and I have to take pain medication to get to sleep at night since there isn't a position in which I feel comfortable. I've read enough articles online to know that since I'm premenopausal and the cyst did not have any solid contents, the standard approach is a "wait and see" for 8 weeks or two menstrual cycles. I would be willing to do that A. If I could control this pain well, and B. If I had menstrual cycles. The problem is, because of my PCOS, I am not cycling right now. If it is a cyst that might bleed/collapse down with my menstrual bleed, I will be waiting a LONG time for that to happen. Additionally, I am in a medical program and I need to lift/move patients in a hospital this summer, as well as walk all day long. I can't do that in the state I'm in, even with pain medication, and I need to complete this rotation to graduate on time. And lastly (this is a minor thing, but really) I am in a long term, monogamous relationship and my partner is being VERY understanding, but sex isn't even on the table right now. Even orgasms without penetration leave me feeling MUCH worse than before (I assume because I tend to contract all my muscles when I orgasm, which probably pushes on the cyst). I am young and have a good sex drive - waiting 8 weeks to have sex sounds horrible.

:-( So, VPers, is it worth a second opinion, or will any doctor tell me that I have to "wait and see?" I do have a strong history of ovarian cancer in my family, but I understand a cyst without solid contents is very unlikely to be ovarian cancer. If I do seek a second opinion, where do I go? Another reproductive endocrinologist? Another OBGYN? If I end up having surgery (which I would welcome right now) will it have to be at the hospital where the doctor practices? (if so, then I need to choose both the doctor and the hospital they work with wisely)

Ugh. Thank you SO much for your help! This community is like the best OBGYN ever. Why can't YOU all be my doctor? 
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