Your black and white needs a little bit of red. (lightningxsnow) wrote in vaginapagina,
Your black and white needs a little bit of red.


So, I finally saw a gyno for my years of severe pelvic pain/pain during intercourse/stupidly heavy periods. I'm on my 4th brand of HBC (Demulen), and the only think it's helped with is making my periods slightly shorter - 5-7 days instead of 6-8. The gyno was very attentive and asked me about my symptoms pretty thoroughly. He did a partial internal exam, but didn't use a speculum - probably a good thing since I was going "ow ow ow" the entire time his finger was in there.

When he discussed his findings with me, he said he suspects endometriosis. He gave me a prescription for Ponstan/Mefenamic acid, and told me to come back in three months time. I'm on lithium for bipolar, so I checked with my psychiatrist if I was allowed to take it, and surprise! It interacts with lithium! Needless to say, I'm super frustrated, especially since I have fibromyalgia as well and am in constant pain whether or not I have my period.

What do I do? What are my options? I'm calling the gyno back next week, of course. Am I a hopeless case because I can't take NSAIDs? Will I need surgery? Help!
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