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Switching HBC/pelvic pain

 Hi everyone,

I hope this post doesn't make me sound like a crazy person. First of all - I had my annual gyno exam about 4 weeks ago and the dr switched me from Junel to Sprintec because I was having breakthrough bleeding every month. The way I switched pills was a little weird - I had trouble refilling the Junel prescription before my appointment and anticipated having trouble with the Sprintec prescription, so what happened is: I finished my last pack of Junel; was several days late starting the next refill pack of Junel; only took 2 Junel pills and then immediately began taking Sprintec. My boyfriend and I had sex without a condom on the 8th day of taking Sprintec pills - which I would normally assume to be fine (the directions say use backup for the first 7 days), but now I'm on my 3rd day of inactive pills and my period still isn't here. Is there a possibility that I got pregnant due to the weird hormonal fluctuations I probably had when I switched brands?

This is especially concerning to me right now because I'm also having pelvic discomfort that my primary care doctor says may be an ovarian cyst. He told me this on Thursday; my gynecologist won't see me until Monday. The problem has mostly been pressure/discomfort on my lower right side but yesterday and today it's started feeling a lot worse. It's generally not sharp pains, just a gnawing dull pain/pressure, and I can't sleep because I'm freaking out about it (I'm a hypochondriac/extremely anxious about my health.) Anyway I'm kind of concerned that it could possibly be an ectopic pregnancy rather than a cyst. The no-condom sex was only about 2 weeks ago so that's probably too early for an ectopic pregnancy to be felt, right? I am really upset that I have to wait until Monday to get a doctor's opinion on this - and nervous that something more severe is going to happen before then. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.
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