Amanda (stereosymbiosis) wrote in vaginapagina,

irregular (?) period question

Hi everyone, usually my period is pretty consistent. I've been tracking it for about four years now and there's only been one time when my cycles weren't 28-30 days. However, I waited an extra six days out of that time for my last period, and it's been acting really weird. Usually I have my period for four days, and the first two are very heavy (soak through a super plus tampon in about three hours) and the last two are very light. But I'm on my second day of my period, and I've barely bled at all! So I stopped using tampons and am just using a pantiliner, and when I went to the bathroom I noticed that it's a lot clumpier/there are more clots than usual.

Can normal stress cause this? I've been worrying about a couple of exams/having trouble with my girlfriend's mother, but I mean, I'm used to stress and this has never happened before.

Also, my I told my mom and she said that "periods usually change cycles every few years, it's normal." Does this really happen? I've never heard of it before.

Thanks, everyone.

edit: I didn't realize there was a very similar post to mine posted not too long ago. sorry, I hope this isn't a problem!
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