gavinsmommy84 (gavinsmommy84) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cervical mucus question?

Hello! Sorry if this question seems TMI. I'm just really weirded out.

Do you know any things that could cause cervical mucus besides ovulating? I'm on birth control and take it at relatively the same time everyday, haven't completely missed a pill or anything, so I don't expect to ovulate or have the mucus stuff. I've also had some cramping, like what I get before my period starts. I was on the antibiotic cipro for a UTI last week, and I looked it up, and it didn't say it was known to decrease birth control effectiveness, but I know some antibiotics do, so that's making me freak out more.


I know I could use a back-up to be safe, but my fiance and I had sex yesterday before I noticed anything :(

Edit: Oops. Forgot to say on my the birth control pill Sronyx and this is my 3rd month on it if that makes a difference.
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