//Dreaming lightly on your own// (in_pieces) wrote in vaginapagina,
//Dreaming lightly on your own//

spotting and sleep-sex?

two questions for you all..

I've been on HBC for 8 years now, never miss a pill, take my pill within 1 minute (literally, my pills are always by me) each night. I will be getting my withdrawl bleed next thursday (of course, the day before my birthday :( ) The last time my boyfriend and I had sex was Sunday morning, he came inside me, as we don't use any other form of BC besides the pill, and are comfortable with that.

I think this is normal for me - to have brownish discharge/spotting the week before my period - but this morning when I had my morning pee, when I wiped it was more reddish than usual. It's back to a dark brown, and I do need a pantyliner so it doesn't get all over my underwear (I use one almost every day anyways for clear discharge). Just wanted to see if the brown discharge a week before my period is due would be considered normal... I have no real reason to think that I would be pregnant anyways, even though I had sex on sunday morning, i've been 100 percent perfect with my pills. I seem to recall that I probably get this brownish discharge/spotting the week before my period every month, but always forget about it and then freak out a little bit when it *does* happen.

Secondly, do any of you experience "sleep-sex", or something like it? The most typical time that my bf and I have sex is around 11:45pm-12:00am, and he will initiate sex in his sleep - he won't wake up at first, but usually does and we either decide to have sex, or not. It alway wakes me up right away though. Many times, he will grope me or try to initiate sex in his sleep, and before he can wake up and we can have fun, he will just roll over and pass out again. None of this actually bothers me, we're comfortable enough in our sex lives, and if "sleep-guy" (as I call it) tries something when I'm not in the mood, I wake up and just roll him over and he doesn't even remember it in the morning... I was just curious as to if anyone else has this kind of thing happen on a regular basis with their partners? Apparently I'm the only partner he has had where he's done this.. which is...kinda amusing?
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