diva44 (diva_44) wrote in vaginapagina,

Questions about UTI, STI and PID

Hi! I am having a some serious concerns about my health lately. Well you see, for the past few months, I have had over three instances of UTIs. Since i consulted with a urologist, he just gave me some antibiotics (Ciprobay) and drink lots of water. However, just this month, I experienced a very sharp pain on my lower abdomen that I found it so hard to walk. I was sent to the hospital and I was checked by over 5 doctors (a urologist, a gynecologist, 3 general practicioners). I underwent over 2 pelvic ultrasounds, 1 transrectal ultrasound, 1 CT scan and a general physical exam thats includes pressing my abdomen. I also had a urine and blood test. Now here are my issues:

1. I am sexually active with my 1st boyfriend. He only had 1 prior sexual partner who was a virgin when they first did it. We always use a condom but this one time, we tried inserting his penis just once and then he immediately removed it. We used a condom after. Right now, sometimes when we have PIV sex, I feel some mild pain as if his penis is bumping into something inside me. But no burning or itching pain. Also, when I do down on him, we don't use any condoms. (Is that safe? :s) Lastly, we tried a few times to have sex while I have my period but we still used a condom.

2. When I went to the gyne, my dad (who was a doctor) was with me so I wasnt able to tell my sexual history to my doctor. However, she did a transrectal ultrasound and asked me if I was having discharges. Her diagnosis was it was just a normal ovulation process which have caused the fluid in my pelvic area. The fluid irritated my organs, thus the pain. She also had my blood tested and everything was negative. So my problem is, i dont know if she took into consideration if i have a pelvic inflammatory disease. If so, will she be able to detect it with the ultrasound and the blood test?
3. Since I really didnt get any results from the diff tests I underwent, the doctor just gave me three antibiotics to take (ciprobay, bio femme and metronizadole (I forgot). The pain went away and I went back to normal.  However after 3 weeks, my bf and I had sex again. The day after, some of the pain went back. Now im scared that I may have contracted PID and its not just normal UTI or what the doctor said was normal ovulation on my part. Will I become infertile now? And do I really have a PID even if im in a monogamous relationship? Didnt the antibiotics work to remove the PID? :(
I do hope someone will try answering my questions. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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