LO-ren Ishii (hitokoe) wrote in vaginapagina,
LO-ren Ishii

Hello again, VP! I have a fairly general question for you today:

Is it safe to use a menstrual cup to collect discharge from a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis? If so, are there any special considerations one should take when cleaning the cup (ex. boiling with garlic)?

The reason I ask is because I know some women use their cups to keep normal discharge out of their panties, and, well, YI/BV discharge is even more unpleasant. I looked in the archives for both YI and BV and I couldn't find anything on this specific issue. The nurse on the line at student health services at my university couldn't help me -- I don't think cup use on my Big 10 campus is widespread enough that she would reasonably need to know about menstrual cups, since she was confused when I brought it up. I was hoping somebody here might have some experience and be able to help. Thanks in advance!
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