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Ovarian cyst pain question.

So, long story made very short - I had an ovarian cyst diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. They couldn't tell if it was hemorrhagic or an endometrioma/chocolate cyst, but it was about 5cm across at the widest point on an ovary that is already enlarged from PCOS cysts. Well after about 2 weeks I thought the cyst burst - I had an intense increase in pain and a sudden gush of blood about 5-10 min later. The bleeding was heavy and resolved in about 24-36hrs. It was about 8/10 pain and I had to take 800mg of ibuprofen and then 300mg of Tylenol 3 about 1hr later. After the pain med worked, I had greatly decreased pain when they wore off. I felt relatively normal, actually (just a little worn out).

So I was all excited that my cyst had burst and I was done with the thing - the doctor only gave me the option to "wait it out" and come back in 6 weeks for another ultrasound. Unfortunately, yesterday and today (about a week after I thought the cyst burst) the cyst pain has come back. Before it was pinpoint over the left ovary, and went through on a "straight line" to a pinpoint spot in my low back. It also radiated down into my groin and increased with coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc.

Unfortunately, now it is going further than it did before. It is down into my left buttock, mid back, and sometimes shoots into the back of my left thigh. I feel like my leg is weak/going to give out on me. :-( It sounds ridiculous, but the most frustrating thing about this is the fact that I'm normally very active/exercise 4-5 days/week....and I can hardly walk when the pain/weakness is like this.

So my questions: 

1. Did anyone else have an ovarian cyst that made pain go into their buttock/leg? If so, did it mean it was getting worse, or was it just part of the whole cyst experience?
2. Is it safe to exercise with an ovarian cyst that is either an endometrioma or a hemorrhagic cyst? The doctor seemed to think it was probably a hemhorragic cyst (but couldn't be sure), and said exercising wouldn't be the best idea, but it wouldn't be the worst thing either (how do you like that answer?). I'm going crazy here!

Thanks in advance.....I'm so frustrated with my ovaries right now!
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