deztic (deztic) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sebaceous cyst woes.

In the same area (right below my mons pubis on the outer labia) over the past few years I've been developing cystic pimples over and over. I scar very easily so it's like I have a record to remind myself that this isn't new.

The past 4 months I've had what I thought was a cystic pimple form, swell, then shrink and reabsorb repeatedly without heading or "popping". I've learned to leave them the heck alone but now I'm fed up. The past 2 months it hasn't completely reabsorbed so when it shrinks a small bump remains. I saw my doctor this week and she confirmed it's a cyst and that I should just leave it alone unless it becomes painful. It IS painful though. It's a normal cystic bump, but the skin looks taught and red. I told her this but nothing came of it.

Are these cysts the same as cystic acne? And what can I do to help move this one towards healing and possibly prevent this from happening again? I'm already doing hot compresses, but it's becoming a read drag. It itches at times but if I scratch I irritate it even more. I did a search to see if this has been discussed already, and I apologize if I overlooked anything.
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