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Period, period, where for art thou, period?

 Noticed a few "Missing Period" posts here lately; something in the water 'round this community?

So my last period was February 3,4,5,6.  It was a regular period I suppose.  I was on birth control, but stopped taking it after that period.  Since then I've had a few ocassions where I was damn near SURE that my body was starting a period, I'd have the cramps, lower back pain and gassy feeling, but nope, nothin.  That happened late last week and again yesterday and today, but its subsided again.

Normally I would be like "YAY! NO PERIOD!"  but this is totally unlike my body.  Only the pill I get regular and extremely short periods, 2-4 days long, and when I'm off the pill, my period shows up in 35 day cycles and is slightly longer, 3-6 days.  I haven't missed a period like this since 10 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my son.

I know stress can affect periods, and I have definitely been under stress, but it has never affected me this way before.  I haven't had sex since my last period, and I had a normal pap smear just after my last period.  Do you think I should go see my doctor, or just chill and wait for it to show up all in good time?
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