Corvidophile (corvidophil3) wrote in vaginapagina,

Short vagina?

Hello, I'm back again! And I went exploring again. Long story short, I'm apparently only two inches worth of vagina before I bump my cervix. This is while half-standing, half-crouching, leaning with my lower back and butt lightly supported by the edge of the bed, if this is some vagina-shortening position I didn't know the effects of. What I entered last time was most definitely the posterior vaginal fornix, and I went there again this time. All was taken slow, was going well (though I was a bit nervy and on edge out of fear that I would hurt myself) ...When suddenly, my fiance's dad came home early and knocked on the door, which caused me to SLAM SHUT on my finger.

Getting back out was like a much more horrific version of pulling a Band-Aid off a wound, wherein you have the choice of taking it slower and prolonging the pain, or going faster and having it over with, but with much worse pain while it lasts. It took me several minutes to remove my finger, and throughout the latter half I was sobbing, which really didn't help, because it caused more movement. Afterwards I laid there crying for a few minutes, not just because it hurt like hell, but because I felt like it was going so well and was entirely ruined and the clamp reaction was reinforced by something entirely out of my control.


One day, though. Not any time soon, but one day I'll overcome this. Is it regular to be so short, though?
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