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Am I pregnant? Or did Supermoon troll me?

Hi, VP! Another "Am I pregnant?" post for y'all...

Date of last period: Feb 18th
Cycle length: 31 days
Last date I had sex (unprotected, but used withdrawal method): March 5th
*My periods are never irregular*

So, if I calculated right, my period was due on the 21st. Well, no P in sight. EXTREMELY sore breasts, mild cramping, weird abdominal pain (like an itching-feel), headaches - the gambit that comes with both impending menses and pregnancy. I tested yesterday with my fmu - negative. Tested TWICE today with my fmu, and a few hours ago - still negative.

I think(?), if you don't track your fertility, testing 19 days after the last date of sex should give you an accurate/reliable result. I suck at math, so this would be day 18 after the fact?

Cutting to the chase: What is the likelihood I'm pregnant? Are my negatives negative, and if not, when should I retest/feel confident with the result? Could the delay be cause of a cyst/the like?

For the record, I've been stressed (mom just diagnosed with breast cancer), stopped taking Zoloft a few weeks ago, and diet kinda screwy/have gained a few. My last period was also very heavy/not the norm (actually had a few, near fade-to-black/pass out moments).


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Edit: And BOOM goes the dynamite. Period arrived this morning, bleeding full-force, want to rip my dizzy head off. Will take the advice of those who've commented/see a doc about the heaviness and duration (usually takes a good 5-6 days before it tapers off). I'm kinda overdue for a visit anyhow. Many thanks!
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