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PCOS Resources.

Hello VPers!

Well, a couple of weeks ago after much drama I found out from my reproductive endocrinologist that I have PCOS and am insulin resistant. Today, when I called to try to get a prescription for the Metformin I was supposed to be starting, I find out that the RE had lost my lab results and told me them from memory....turns out she was wrong. I'm NOT insulin resistant.

Basically, this brings me back to square one with my menstrual issues. I've had irregular/absent periods for years, didn't respond to HBC well, and switched to the Paragard. Since then I've been spotting/irregularly bleeding, and had a lot of pain from cysts (both the small PCOS cysts and a larger hemorrhagic cyst) . However, with a family history of cardiovascular problems and much improved sex drive off the HBC, I was reluctant to go back on it.

...which brings me to where I am now. I've been through the mill with nurse practitioner (at my school), OBGYN (didn't know what was wrong with me) ER doctor (from the large cyst), and now reproductive endocrinologist. Basically, I'm left holding my lab results with high testosterone and low sex hormone binding immunoglobuin, and three transvaginal ultrasounds that show very unhappy polycystic ovaries.

I guess I have PCOS, but there appear to be no treatment options for me. Can anyone recommend some resources for me to turn to? If self-treatment is all I can do, I at least want to be well-informed!
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