lushlovexx (lushlovexx) wrote in vaginapagina,

question about first missed pill

 Hey everyone!

I recently missed the first pill of my pack because I completely forgot until the next day, but I had a question that will hopefully reassure me:

(Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm basing this on something I learnt briefly like 4 years ago in high school)

I read that it's the riskiest time to miss pills in the beginning of the pack, however, aren't menstruations the endometrium detaching itself from the uterus lining and flowing out? If I just had my period, it would mean that my endometrium just evacuated form my body, but in high school i was told its function was to allow the ovule to adhere to the uterus and not just fall out. Therefore even if an ovule gets out and is impregnated, wouldn't it just fall out because of gravity and lack of endometrium to hold it back in place?
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