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VP on YouTube--Send Us Your Videos!

As announced, VP has a YouTube channel and we're ready to launch it! Now's the time to send us your videos. Here are the two general categories for submissions as of right now (we can always expand later):
  1. How-to style posts (how to correctly use contraceptives, how to sew your own cloth pads, how to use/fold menstrual cups, how to use particular safer sex techniques, etc.)
  2. "It Gets Better"-type posts related to sexual assault, gender identity, sexual identity, or another VP-related area
The following guidelines apply:
  • videos should be 5 minutes or shorter in length whenever possible
  • all submissions will be screened by the VP Team
  • VP rules are in effect for all content
  • summaries and transcripts highly encouraged
We're super stoked to see your videos!  Editing is fun and all, but videos need not have lots of bells and whistles to be approved--we're more interested in getting the content out there.  

Send what you got to :)

For the VP Team
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