Miriel (mirielenfield) wrote in vaginapagina,

Older Virgins and Pap Smears

I've read comments here to the effect that people who've never been sexually active don't need routine pap smears, and that the recommendations for all female-bodied people to have one past a certain age are there to catch those who can't or won't be honest about their sexual histories. Then again, I've also read things saying otherwise, including the official recommendations of various medical organizations. Does anybody know of any reputable sources that specifically discuss this issue? It's been quite difficult for me to find information, beyond the standard statements about how everyone over a particular age should have one, none of which include a rationale for that.

I'm asking because I'm a 28-year-old asexual woman who's never had any sexual contact and doesn't plan to. I know this is something to discuss with my doctor, too (when I get a new doctor, anyway), but I'd like to be educated on my own.
Tags: bimanual-exams, cervix, gynecologist-questions, hpv, pap-smears, sexual-health, virginity
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