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Genital HSV-1

Hi all,

I seem to be having a grand old time with my various health issues lately.

This is a quick, double-check post. As some of you may remember, I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 that I got from the lovely boyfriend back in December, which I successfully treated. Some of you mentioned that I may have another breakout of two later on.

Today I noticed a grouping of small bumps on the outside of my outer labia/going down towards my butt area (it's hard to explain. They kind of start at the halfway point of my vag and make a trail to my left buttock area...)  They're very small, only itch/get irritated when I touch them (today I wore tight jeans so they bothered me a little bit more than they do now in pjs) and kind of grouped in a wideish line with just one single bump on the other side of my vag.

I'm also suspecting a cold sore on my lip (it's just a patch of itchy skin in the corner of my mouth.)

Last Saturday the bf and I had amazing and kinda messy sex, so I'm half wondering if the small bumps are from that/ razor burn/a series of ingrown hairs/pores that got blocked up by the copious amounts of lube/secretions (we kind of passed out for the night and took a shower in the morning). But a small part of my brain is telling me that my first breakout was in December and that I was forewarned of another one a couple of months after that, that should theoretically be not as painful.

I have a just-in-case prescription for something to treat the breakout should I have one that I can fill tomorrow. I just want to double-check if you all think I need to, because with the amount of antibiotics and ibuprofen I've been taking I don't want to take more drugs if I don't have to (also I understand antivirals are expensive).

Thanks in advance! 
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