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Yeast infection and vaginal dryness

I'm curious to see what everyone's thoughts/experiences on this are. I recently recovered from a rather minor yeast infection (cured it literally overnight with garlic -- crazy). I'm also just starting to learn the FAM method of birth control, and part of that is to be aware of changes in cervical mucous. Now, I've always been rather self-lubricated and have had no issues with my discharge ever, except when I had my yeast infection. When I insert my finger into my vagina to check my cervix and CM, however, I'm noticing that the most I ever come away with is some stickiness on my fingers. This yeast infection that I had was the first one I've ever had, so I don't know what sort of effects it might have immediately afterward. There's really nothing else going on that I could think of that would contribute to this (and it's weird, because there's the same amount of discharge on my underwear as before, it's just that it feels drier inside). I don't seem to be having any problems lubricating for sex, so .... I guess I'm just confused. Is it likely related to the yeast infection? What are some other things that might cause dryness? It's not uncomfortable, there's no smell, burning, discoloration, nothing else, if these details help at all.
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