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Weight loss/diet change/no period?

Hi all!

So I'm starting to get weirded out. Mostly just because everyone is telling me this is abnormal but I don't really think it is. I'm kind of sick of people telling me that I should go to the doctor.

This is the story:

I've been on and off the pill since 2007. I went off it for good in December of 2010, right before new year's this year. I had a withdrawal bleed. I last had sex December 28th. Exactly 30 days later I had a completely normal period, for me. Heavy bleeding for 2 days and light for 3 more days. That was February 1st. I haven't gotten a period since.

Things that have changed:
I've been in Spain. I've been exercising more. I've been eating a LOT less and a lot healthier. I feel like I have lost a little weight. (I only weigh about 125-130 pounds)... I know I'm not pregnant, I haven't had sex since the last few days in December. But all I eat here is lentis, fish, red meat, and fruit. I'm poor so I only eat what my host family gives me. I don't feel like I've lost TOO much weight to not have a period, though. My mom is all worried and all my friends are saying it isn't "normal" and it's getting kind of annoying. I know that things can change drastically after being on the pill but since I've had one 100% normal (for me) period since, I thought it would be smooth sailing.

Is this weird?

Everyone is telling me to go back on the pill but I DO NOT want to, and they don't seem to understand (my roommate mostly, she's a little ignorant on this subject) that you don't have an actual cycle on the pill. And that it isn't an actual PERIOD when you have a withdrawal bleed.

Should I be worried???
Thanks in advance!
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