Nadiah (yougottabelieve) wrote in vaginapagina,

Contraception - Microgynon

I have a bit of a question about Microgynon 30 (Combined Pill - clarifying this as I don't know if they use it in the US).

I had run two packs together, and was 2 days into the new pack. I went home from uni on Saturday morning to visit my boyfriend for the weekend and ended up forgetting to bring my pills with me. I spoke to a pharmacist who told me I wasn't protected (which surprised me, I'd thought I would have been since I ran 2 packs together, and so had more than 21 active pill days - surely I could have gone on the 7 day break?)

I voiced my concerns/what I'd thought but she assured me I wasn't protected, so me and the BF used condoms.

I just wanted to clarify that this is correct (because I'm pretty certain it's not!) and also ask what I do now I am back - in total I only missed 2 pills, so I just did what the pamphlet said and took today's pill plus one of the pills I missed - should I take BOTH the pills I missed, take the other missed pill tomorrow or just ignore it? When will I be protected again (If I wasn't before?)

Thanks guys!
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