Sarah (llama_friendly) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC used as Emergency Contraception?

On Sunday, March 13 I had unprotected sex with my husband. We used the pull-out method. Typically we use condoms but we hadn't see each other in a few months (military) and had no access to condoms at that moment. I am not on birth control. The next day I started stressing about this and was told that regular HBC pills can be used as emergency contraception. I have a few packs of the generic form of Yaz, which is called Gianvi. So I took one dose of Gianvi at midnight and another dose 12 hours later.

Now I have two questions:
1) Is it true that regular HBC (like Gianvi, the generic of Yaz) can be used as emergency contraception? Or is what I did totally unhelpful and possibly dangerous?
2) Could the reason I am now having light brown bleeding be because I did this? The bleeding started yesterday and is beginning to look like a second period. I had my regular period about 1.5 weeks ago. So this bleeding is confusing me. I am also having light cramps.

Thanks for your help!!!
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