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Let's see how many of you can get through this essay :)

I have always been super prone to UTIs, since I was about 2yrs old (now 20). Never get symptoms beyond cloudy looking pee and feeling a bit rundown, no burning, nothing. Basically whenever I felt off colour enough for the doctor, it turned out to be a UTI. They aren't frequent, generally no more than 3 a year, typically 1 every 18 months. Since getting a steady boyfriend, I've had a few in the last 6 months, most recently one six weeks ago and again two weeks after that. Both times I was extremely naughty and didn't pee straight after sex. I am also one of those people who gets thrush (yeast infections) every single time I take antibiotics. So two lots of antibiotics meant it was not fun times in my ladyparts for a while (also had BV).

I found an amazing remedy on here for BV (straight hydrogen peroxide, followed by 1:1 apple cider vinegar/water, and acidophilus at night which I substituted with yogurt). Cleared that up almost immediately so I dropped the peroxide and kept up the ACV and yogurt for the thrush. That then cleared up in a few days, then not long after that I landed in hospital with an absolute bitch of a kidney infection. Back pain, shaky legs, trembling all over, headache, chills and a temp of 39.9. Fun times.

I had IV antibiotics for 4 days, and was given a week of oral antibiotics once I left which I am halfway through. By day 2 of the antibiotics I could already feel thrush coming on, even in my drug fueled state (those were some damn fine painkillers!). When I left on day 4 I could already tell it was shaping up to be one of the nastiest I'd ever had. I bought a fluconazole oral capsule but didn't take it because 1, I still had a week of antibiotics to go so I'd probably have to take another one when I finished and more importantly 2, I'd been given warfarin (blood thinner) in hospital to prevent clots. Apparently warfarin and fluconazole may cancel each other out. Figure that by the end of the week the warfarin should have left my system anyway.

While I'm still on antibiotics I'm taking orally acidophilus, garlic, probiotic yogurt and drinking lots of peppermint tea (apparently peppermint oil is good against candida). I am using "up there" acidophilus capsules, ACV and yogurt. Figure none of this could hurt, so I'm planning on keeping this up for a week at least, and still taking the fluconazole as soon as I finish my antibiotics. I've also noticed that I now have oral thrush as well, my tongue is all furry looking and it HURTS!

Basically I just want to know if this is the best course of action, or for any other better suggestions. Better yet would be if anyone had a miracle product that would sort my ladyparts out immediately because I would probably kill so I could get some action, and I think the Boy is starting to feel the same way. Contemplating buying Sarah Summers 12hr cure book, but it's expensive and some people have called it a scam, so if anyone has tried her method, could you please give me feedback on if you think it was worth it?

Thanks in advance
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