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Any Ideas?

I already have a doctor's appointment set up for this, but they weren't able to get me in until the end of the month, and I've been spending the last couple of weeks worrying over this, so if anyone could offer any ideas on what may be going on to ease my mind, I would love you for forever.

Back in October, I had a miscarriage. Before I miscarried, I was getting ready to go to the doctor for a blood test, because my breasts were swollen, I was throwing up every day, constantly nauseous, peeing frequently, etc, but I never had a positive result on a home test. I was on birth control at the time, and took it at the same time every night. I got my period like clock work, on the Wednesday of my placebo week (I was on tri-sprintec at the time). At the time, my doctor was really nasty and rude, and her initial thought when I came in was that I wasn't pregnant, and just needed to change my pill (I hadn't had a period in two months, and when I came in, it was because I still had not had a period, but had been clotting for almost 2 weeks).

Since that time, I've been on Loestrin. The problem is, I've never really had my period since. I had a light one that lasted about 2 days in November, and have had no bleeding or anything since then. I've had nausea/vomiting that's come and gone, my breasts are kind of tender/sore, but I've been losing weight so I'm not sure if they're swollen, or if I'm losing weight everywhere but there, and I've had to pee more frequently. The thing is, none of these symptoms are as prevalent as they were before. Also, as opposed to gaining weight, I've lost a substantial amount from stress related to some issues with my boything (This isn't affecting my period though, because our issues only started in February). I did a home test in the end of January/beginning of February, and it came back negative, but like I said, the same thing happened last time. I've also been having a lot of white vaginal discharge as of late. It hasn't been yeasty, more like what I would get when I would be ovulating (I got the clear egg white discharge, but also some white as well). I'm treating it as a yeast infection in the interim, as opposed to waiting for my dr's appointment, just because the discharge was becoming excessive. Also, the past week or so, I've started to experience some cramping/pain around my pelvic area/ovaries. This may be contributing to me getting slightly freaked out, because that was the first symptom I started having when I started to miscarry.

Is there anything that could be causing these symptoms, as opposed to pregnancy? I know people are going to say since I've been on the pill I should be protected and not pregnant, etc, but that was what I was told by people last time, and I was pregnant. I'm just trying to find other possibilities aside from pregnancy or complications from the miscarriage, so I can at least be less worried while I'm waiting for my appointment.
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