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Hymenectomy + BV

Hi everyone,

I had the division of a fibrous hymen ring (fenton procedure) under general anaesthetic about 48 hours ago. After division, the hymen has been stitched on the sides. For some background, I'm having this pretty late compared to most gals and after 8 months of marriage. For the first 4-5 months, my husband and my best friend convinced me that my problem having sex was psychological or down to BCP which had completely killed my libido. Eventually I had enough and went to my GP who referred me to a Gyno and changed my BCP. I had my gyno consult with a registrar 1 month later and she immediately said I had a thick hymen band or ring; the consultant recommended the small surgery.

The consult was in January and at the time I had a 2 small joined boils on my left bikini line. I haven't had any boils or cysts on my bikini line for two years since I stopped waxing and had Laser. I think I may have nicked myself when I was shaving the remaining pubic hair. Anyway, the boils/cysts eventually drained but instead of the skin healing, they started coming back up again. Again they become larger until they drained and again I took care of the area to help healing. The skin appeared to be healing but after about a week it became hellishly itchy. The whole left groin area including labia majora swelled up very noticeably. The itching caused a huge area of dark, discoloured, flaky skin (like ezcema). The first GP I saw gave me Erythromycin for a possible infection and said it looked like I had thrush and took a swab (I have had slightly excessive discharge for as long as I can remember). The swelling went down, until there was just a very small lump left. I also developed an itchy rash (raised follicles) over my body (both arms, back, nape of neck, torso, legs). I managed to get an appointment with my preferred GP who prescribed me Dermal wash and took a swab of the flaking skin (this is 2 days after seeing the previous GP). However, a few days after the labia/groin swelling went down, it become horribly itchy again and the swelling started again. I again went to the second GP, who took a swab of the weeping skin and prescribed me a stronger Erythromycin (Erythroped A). All swabs came back normal including the thrush. After the 7 day course of Erythroped A, a small cyst still remained. I self treated this with Magnesium Sulphate paste and had an Epsom salt bath when I managed to find some (the day before my surgery), which seemed to help quite a bit.

I mentioned all this to the Registrar who saw me before the surgery. When she saw me afterwards, she said that my discharge (which they noted) was most probably bacterial vaginosis and it's very common to keep getting cysts due to this. I so annoyed that the GPs had no clue, as it could have been treated before surgery. Anyway, I was discharged with Metronidazole to start taking immediately and Vibrox to start when I start my period.

I was kept in overnight due to low BP. This happened the last time I had day surgery for Pilonidal cyst. The drugs stopped me from feeling any pain. Now, I have some soreness. I am okay lying down and walking but sitting seems to cause strain. Peeing isn't too sore at all.

Okay, so my questions to you helpful people:
Does anyone know if the BV will cause complications with the healing of the hymenectomy?
What else can I do to facilitate healing? The registrar told me not to soak the area or have baths. Just to dab gently after peeing. Because of my culture, we always wash with water after peeing/pooping but this is just pouring water from a jug down there - which I'm still doing and gently dabbing to dry. I'm not flushing inside in any way, should I be? I'm really worried about infection.
I was told no intercourse for 2 weeks. Does this sound right? I know for my Pilonidal (and from others who reported back on a support forum) actual healing time and being able to be 'normal' took longer than what was told. I want to be completely healed before I try anything. I asked the registrar how 'open' it now was and she said 'as much as it can be' and that I'm a 'small lady' anyway so I would always have some difficulty. This scares me a bit. There is also no follow up scheduled. I'm wondering if it's worth scheduling an appointment with my GP in 2 weeks to make sure everything is okay?

Thank you so much! I found this community after seeing the gyno and it's been a great help.
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