purplebrick (purplebrick) wrote in vaginapagina,

Should I take Plan B?

Hey VP,
I posted a couple of days ago asking about what to do after missing three pills in a row at the start of the pack. I was advised that after taking seven pills I'd be back on track....so I took the first of that seven last night.
Well, my boyfriend came over tonight and we had sex. He always pulls out no matter what, and we used the pull out method as our only method of contraception for the first three months we were dating until I went on the pill, so I wasn't worried.
But because luck is never on my side, of course tonight he didn't get fully "out" in time....I'm not sure how much actually stayed inside of me.

What do you think I should do? Get Plan B?
And if I take Plan B, what do I do with my BC pills...just keep taking them as normal?

I've never had this much trouble with pills before ever....it's not my week. I swear I'm a consenting adult with a functional (ish) brain!
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