io2012 (io2012) wrote in vaginapagina,

Waiting it out and an ovarian cyst.

So I posted last week about an Ovarian cyst I had diagnosed in the ER. They weren't sure if it was hemorrhagic or an endometrioma. Well I had a follow up with my reproductive endocrinologist and she feels that it is most likely hemorrhagic and not an endometrioma, although it is fairly large for a hemorrhagic cyst (almost 5cm).  So that's good news! The bad news is that a week passed between the ER ultrasound and the reproductive endocrinologist ultrasound, and there was no change in cyst size. :-( 

Anyway, I have PCOS and am not cycling regularly, so the reproductive endocrinologist feels it may be some time (up to 8 weeks) for the cyst to reabsorb. In the meantime, it hurts hurts HURTS if I don't take pain medication. Regular over the counter stuff wasn't cutting it, so they gave me Percocet, which made me useless ( I would have to sleep the first 2hrs after each dose and would wake up with a headache). Finally we've settled on Tylenol 3, which has codine in it and seems to be the best compromise. question is: Do I just take Tylenol 3 for 8 weeks? Is there anything else that people have done that has helped their cysts subside? I understand completely my doctor's perspective - she doesn't want to risk surgery if the cyst isn't damaging anything (except my quality of life!) and will likely go away on its own. On the other hand, 8 weeks is a long time not to be able to exercise or wake up without pain. :-( 

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