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A complicated post involving BV and yeast infections.

Hi ladies! I'm really glad LJ has such a resourceful community for girl-related problems.

So my immediate question is whether or not anyone has specifically gotten itching from bacterial vaginosis. But the whole story is a little more complicated and starts in January. I'll try to be concise.

I'm wondering if anyone's got some valuable input:

I've been dating the same guy exclusively for 2 months now. We've both undergone STD screenings and have had negatives with everything we tested for (though my doctor didn't do a pap.) When we first started dating, right before my period, I got what I thought to be a yeast infection, which I treated with Monistat 1 and yogurt (both topically and through my diet.) The Monistat was a pretty painful, burning, tender experience, but it cleared up the itchy feeling after a couple days. I didn't have any discharge, but I have had yeast infections before and it definitely felt like one.

2 weeks after that, I got a UTI because we're horn dogs and have too much sex or whatevs; urgent care visit ensues, then antibiotics, then recurrence of itchy, raw sore feeling which I assume to be another yeast infection. I go to treat it with Monistat 7 because I hear it's a lot more gentle than the Monistat 1-- OH. MY. GOD. Not even. I start bleeding, it hurts a bunch. I go to see a doctor, explain this to her and she gives me a Diflucan percription. I took about 3 days to kick in and there was more yogurt involved (because I'm a hippie like that) but I saw improvement again.

I thought the yeasty menace had been vanquished. But no. Here's where it gets complicated.

About a week ago, I started to notice a little tenderness/soreness during sex. I tried to preemptively nip it in the bud with some yogurt and acidophilus but it just got worse. Frustrated and unwilling to use Monistat again after multiple crappy experiences, I decide to seek medical help. Because the doctor's office my insurance is sending me to for some reason never fails to take 3 days to get me an appointment and then always leaves me sitting in a waiting room for upwards of an hour after my scheduled appointment, I go through health services at school, which is bizarrely much more organized and efficient.

At school, I see a nurse practitioner. She takes a sample from my vagina, does a wet mount and informs me that she 1.) doesn't see Candida (yeast) but 2.) does see clue cells, which indicate bacterial vaginosis, another imbalance of flora and fauna in the body. She tells me that she thinks my itchiness and painful intercourse are from bacterial vaginosis and sets me up on a narrow spectrum antibiotic called Flagyl (metronidazole.) She gives me a percription for Diflucan as well, on the off chance I do get a yeast infection in response to the Flagyl, though it's unlikely based on the type of antibiotic it is (narrow as vs. broad spectrum.)

Fast forward to now, two and a half days later. I'm still just as itchy as ever. I've been taking the antibiotics for the BV. I did some research and every medical source I've seen indicates that BV does not normally cause itching. So I can't help but be a little suspicious.

Is it possible that I have a yeast infection she just failed to diagnose and that the BV (which does not typically cause any sort of discomfort) isn't actually causing the problems?
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