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some more questions!

hi there again guys! thanks for your help on my HBC and bathing suit top questions. i ended up finding a super cute top at gap body! anyway ive got a few more questions i have thought of:

1. how dangerous is it realistically to have brief, unprotected sex? im talking like, two minutes TOPS, then we put a condom on. my boyfriend did not come in me, but there most likely precum. i started taking HBC on sunday the 13th and was told by my doc i would be protected after a month, however, i have also heard after a week of taking it i would be protected. in any case i know i havent been on it a full week, but would being on it for almost a week have any effect on me being more protected than if i wasnt on anything? or does it not work like that..? heh.

2. i was put on microgestin. anyone else on that? what has your experience been with it as far as weight gain/ boob growth?

3. im an italian girl with thick, dark hair. so naturally my pubes are also thick and dark. not to mention stubborn! when it comes to my vulva i just trim and shave the lips a bit, and shave my bikini line. unfortunately, because my the way my hair is, im in constant state of razor burn and ingrowns. it looks and feels awful and takes forever to heal, by which time the hair has grown back and it begins to cascade out of my undies..which is NOT the look im going for. i have never been able to feel comfortable in a bikini because of this. i have tried exfoliating, using a very sharp new razor and lots of cream and applying bikini zone and powder, but no matter how careful i am it still happens. i have sensitive skin in general, and a wax of my face once left a horrible rash, so im not too into waxing my bikini line. im also a poor college student who cant really afford to go to a salon. anyone else feel my plight? what about one of those little mini personal trimmers? anyone had luck with those? advice would be greatly appreciated!

thanks again for all your help! :D
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