__envyofaddicts (__envyofaddicts) wrote in vaginapagina,

Worried about Missed Pill

Hi Vagina Pagina,

I've been taking Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo for over a year. I understand that 1 missed pill is okay and that I do not need to take Plan B. I understand that I can take the missed pill when I remember to, and then continue to take my next pill at my normal time. My protection is not compromised, but...

My dilemma is that I finished taking the placebo pills on Sunday. I started my new pack on Monday, but missed Tuesday entirely. I woke up on Wednesday (today) at 11:00AM and took the missed pill immediately. My normal time to take them is at ~11:30PM.

Today, my partner and I had sex without back-up protection (no condom). Again, I know that missing 1 pill is alright, but I'm wondering if my protection was compromised because my body didn't have enough time to re-adjust with the new pack.

To sum it up in chronological order:

7 days with placebo, took 1 hormonal pill, missed a pill, took the missed pill today, had sex, and then took today's pill at my regular time.

I'm really sorry for over-thinking this. My question is very specific and I wasn't able to find an answer. Thank you to anyone who can help me with my concern!
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