Viktoria (silver__dream) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal Tears?

Hello ladies!

I tried looking in the tags, but didn't find anything. I apolgoize ahead of time if this has been asked recently!

In the last several months (probably closer to 6 or so), I've been having a fair amount of pain during intercourse. We've tried lube, extensive amounts of foreplay... nothing really works. It hurts the worst in the very beginning and then at the end/after. The pain is not there during.
I figured it was just a lubrication issue and didn't pay much attention to it. I did mention it during my pap smear though, which was just a few days ago. I get them done through my PCM, so it was not an OBGYN. She looked at it and wanted to test for herpes immediately, because it looked "a little red". She didn't want to discuss any other possibilities such as recurring YIs or maybe BV? Now, I do have HSV-1 and have since I was little kid. So I'm fairly familiar with the virus.
I looked down there with a mirror and it looks nothing like a herpes sore, nor does it feel like one. It looks like a fairly thick paper cut... I'm still waiting on the tests to come back, however I'm really doubting it's herpes and it sounds like a tear to me.
Any ideas? Have any of dealt with tears before? We've tried giving it a few weeks to heal and nothing... It comes right back.
I get YIs quite often and take hormonal BC, I read online that both can contribute to the tears and their delayed healing.

Also, to add: I am married and had gotten STD tested prior to starting my relationship with him - negative for everything.

Thank you so much for your help! :)
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