new___noise (new___noise) wrote in vaginapagina,

bathing suit shopping and HBC questions!

hello everyone! i feel like ive been posting here so much lately! you guys are so helpful! :D
i have two questions:

1. ive got pretty big boobs. 36DD. and i cannot find bathing suit tops that fit me! bottoms are never a problem (im always a medium) but tops, even XL's, just dont cut it. anyone else in my boat have suggestions of where they buy their tops? what about victorias secret?

2. I just started taking HBC for the first time (microgestin to be exact) yesterday evening. today i woke up feeling queasy, woozy, jittery, and dizzy. i felt a bit like i did when i had to take plan b recently, so im assuming this is just my body adjusting to these new hormones. i feel better now though. im wondering how long it will take my body to get used to this? i know it varies from person to person..just wondering from other peoples experiences! also, in a previous post i was told after taking the pill for a week i would be protected, however my doc told me i would after i finish my first pack. do you think she said that just to be on the safe side? and when i am, in fact, protected, does this mean my boyfriend can come inside me? im a total newb when it comes to HBC!

thanks in advance all! :D
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