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So some of you may remember me posting a while back. (I would link to it, but I just can't find it!)
It was about the issues I was having with my period, and my lack of an LH surge, and my doctors basically writing it off due to my weight.

I wanted to update you that we (Husband and I) ended up seeking a fertility specialist. Since my husband had testicular cancer, and had no sperm count testing done throughout Chemotherapy.
Welp, he ended up being fine, but I had (have?) PCOS. Which is not being treated with Metformin.

I guess this is kind of a realization that when the doctor writes off everything that had happened to me for 6 years in my monthly cycle (or the lack of.) to being fat, despite my exercising, weight loss, and healthy diet (I eat healthier than 3/4ths of the people I know who are skinny!), I should find a new one.

But I had a quick question, how soon will my body adjust to the medicine? I'm already at 2 tablets twice daily. (4 total. 500mg per tab if that means anything) I'm losing our insurance soon since my husband is being laid off, and we're wondering if I might be fertile. Does it work by the next period? Or does it take a few months?
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