Moon (velkoria) wrote in vaginapagina,

bleeding and pregnancy

okay, honestly this is something that scares most women I know... but bleeding that seems like a period while actually being pregnant... I've heard and read a few things elsewhere but really... what is it supposed to be like? I have SHORT periods... 1-2 days but the blood is dark brown and not too heavy (I can usually use 2-4 pads) so I was wondering (not because I think I am pregnant but because I am a curious being) if I WERE to bleed while pregnant could I actually confuse it with my period?

Also... I'm ALREADY feeling much better and I just stopped taking Yaz for ONE day! Seriously, the change was almost right at at the 20 hour mark I started to calm down and stuff. Now I am still a bit anxious and stuff but no longer so desperate that I feel like a whole other person. My boyfriend and I spoke, he was soooo understanding and said he'd never want me to take something that caused me ANY kind of pain, much less emotional. I have an appointment with a new gyno on Thursday and hopefully this one WILL be more understanding and be able to see that filling someone like me up with that amount of hormones is s dumb idea =)
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