mxmissileproof (mxmissileproof) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection, Period: Tampons or Menstrual Cup?

 I posted about a week ago that I had a yeast infection.  Thanks to your lovely answers, I've been treating it and things have been okay.  The antifungal cream/acidopholus pills/eating yogurt calmed things down, but it's still lingering, and as I've run out of cream and pills, it is starting to worsen again.  Today, I woke with my period.  I'm not worried about yeast contaminating my cup, since I know how to properly clean it after to rid of all ze yeasts, but I just don't know which would be the best to use for my period.  I don't have any pads, just fyi.  Tampons, or my cup?  I basically am just asking which you think would be best comfort wise, and for trying to keep away the yeasties.  How should I continue treating the yeast?  The past few days I've been lathering on yogurt at night, which has been very soothing.  Is this going to create a huge mess of blood and yeast and yogurt?  Argh.  
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